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    R reaches for Christians, meets with Billy Graham

    Looks like Mitt is finally asking for Christians to vote for him after meeting the their ancient and still living Billy Graham who is over 90.

    They met at Graham's home for 30 mins. Billy's son, Frank, also joined the meeting.

    Mitt asked Frank how he was doing in lining up the churches to vote for him. Frank and the Falwell brothers have been working behind the scenes all summer to solicit the Christian voters even calling them by phone.

    Mitt spoke at Falwell's Liberty University before 35,000 people, the largest crowd in school and Lynchberg's history.

    His prob is most Christians don't see him as a Christian and Mormonism is a cult. Graham acknowledged it.

    When he was on MSNBC earlier this summer they pressed him to say that Mitt was a Christian and he wouldnt say it - a strong implication that he believed R wasn't a Christian.

    Frank just said he'd be a great president and is voting for him. The president of the Southern Baptists said the same thing after he was called a bigot by GOP leader William Bennett for saying Mormonism is a cult.

    Jeffries stood by his claim but said he wants Obama out more so he's voting for Mitt.

    Over 30M Christians didn't vote in the last election. Just half of that number would have won it for McCain whom they saw as a liberal.

    BTW, in a Biden-type gaffe, the above meeting came just days after Romney said he wouldn't seek any abortion-related legislation which turned of many Christians even more.

    He assured the Grahams he was a pro-life candidate but Chrsitians know he was pro choice as Gov of Mass.

    They just don't trust him. They know about this:

    Also, during the 2002 governor's race, Romney's platform stated, "As Governor, Mitt Romney would protect the current pro-choice status quo in Massachusetts.

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    Re: R reaches for Christians, meets with Billy Graham

    Looks like the Reverend is trying to help however he can.
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