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    CNN POLL: Ryan 48% - Laughing Joe 44%

    This debate reminded me of the Nixon Kennedy debate where Nixon won on points but looked so bad sweating like a pig (he might have had the virus) and JFK came across as the handsome cool knight and won the election on looks.

    CNN gives it to Ryan by 4% and everyone is talking about Laughing Joe as the most disrespectful debater in debate history.

    Greta just quoted a post debate-real clear poll saying that the issues in the debate are no laughing matter.

    Laughing Joe helped his boss out looking a lot stronger on points and looked like he really wanted to be there unlike his boss and looked experienced, more than the younger Ryan, but got clobbered on foreign policy saying they didn't know the Libyan facts while they did after changing their story so many times and finally saying we just didn't know. Even THE HILL.COM said that issue will haunt them.

    Ryan clobbered him on the 47% saying things just come out of your mouth wrong and also got him on the Syrian issue.

    Also on giving, Ryan said Mitt has given more than both of us put together and Joe actually had to agree. Ryan more than held his

    Ryan also scored on unemployment when Joe said we just brought it down and Ryan said it's still higher than when you went in and do you know what it is in your home town of Scranton, PA? It's 10%
    which is what it is all over the country and Joe said no it isn't.
    Ryan missed the chance to mention how they padded that phony
    jobs report last week. Maybe only us message board hard geeks
    know about that.

    All in all, the Prez just sent him out there knowing the public isn't going to vote on what vice presidential candidates say.

    But Laughing Joe might have picked up some more points for the wrong guy by being so rude even laughing at Ryan when he thanked him at the end of the debate.

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    Re: CNN POLL: Ryan 48% - Laughing Joe 44%

    I didn't watch enough of the debate to get the flow or to make a judgement on who won or lost (I was more interested in who won or lost up in the Bronx), however, I switched over between innings and got the impression the VP was constantly disrespectful of his opponent and the debate itself.

    That baffles me, wouldn't an impression of seriousness and professionalism be more valuable to his boss?

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    Re: CNN POLL: Ryan 48% - Laughing Joe 44%


    Just like OBY didn't want to be there last week, Joe didn't take it seriously and that
    will hurt them. It's been a bad week for the libbies since last week.

    I switched between the game and the debate.

    What a game but that damn Jones cost us on Wed night and almost again last night
    nearly bumping into the 2d basemen causing him to drop the ball. That mistake
    didn't cost us the game like the night before.


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