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Thread: Thank the Refs

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    Not always. It can be inconsistent, and usually to the detriment of the defense. Years ago, Osi Umenyiora was a temporary laughingstock because Vince Young ripped out of his grasp and ran for a big gain. I didn't laugh at Umenyiora, however. The play should have been blown dead once he had young in the grasp, and had he thrown Young to the ground he probably would have drawn a flag.
    Boy if you're going off memory you need to look at that play again. First it wasn't Osi, it was Jason Paul Pierre who "gave up" on the play and allowed Vince Young to escape from his wrath. Second, all you need to do is look at Tom Coughlin's reaction to know that Pierre screwed up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey View Post
    Do you think Flacco could have broken away from all those defenders and gained yards? If your answer is yes, than no the whistle should not have been blown. If the answer is no, than yes it was the right call to blow the whistle.

    He wasnt trying to get the pass out, he wasn't even trying to move forward. He was being stood up by several defenders. That's the definition of forward progress being stopped. Again, just because somebody decided to pull the ball out doesn't make the ball coming out a legit play.
    I have seen sacks called on QB's who were not down. It's the same as a running back that gets stopped but doesn't necessarily hit the ground. I think the issue that the ref saw was that 4 Chiefs basically hit Flacco at the same time all around him and stopped his movement. I think the whistle was blown to call the play dead to protect the QB as much as anything else.


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