Yesterdays game sure was ugly that's for sure but a win is a win and in the end no one is going to say the Ravens finished 12-4 (just an example) but a few of those were a win is a win.

Joe will take a lot of the blame because he's the QB but his WRs didn't help him out with 5 dropped balls, his OL was struggling for most of the day to pass protect, he threw one bad pass that got picked off which he needs to stop, he seems to throw a few ill advised balls a week now. I have no idea why I think maybe he has so much confidence he thinks he can fit it in but he needs to mature and stop making those throws. I'm a big Flacco believer though and I know he's much better than the stats showed.

Last year we lost the games like yesterday in Seattle, in Tennessee, in Jacksonville...we won that game yesterday and our offense is still trying to come together running the no huddle, the defense is struggling to adjust without Suggs and a consistent pass rush. To me it doesn't matter if we are struggling to click on all cylinders in week 5. The teams that do well in the playoffs and make runs to the Superbowl are the teams that hit their stride going into the playoffs. So if the Ravens aren't hitting their stride early in the year it's fine with me, continue to work, continue to improve and still get the 'W' ? Sounds good to me...because they will get better and figure things out and they are doing it while they continue to win.

It just bugs me when these 'expert' analysts put all the blame on the QB for the offense not scoring TDs. Joe didn't get a lot of help yesterday and part of the struggle is playing in a loud stadium while the offense is still trying to convert to a more up tempo, no huddle type of offense. They are in no way a finished product yet and they may not have all the wrinkles worked out on the road until later in the year. Ravens teams in the past have peaked early and been the most dominant team in the league but they have nothing to show for it. The Giants finished 9-7 and barely got into the playoffs but they peaked late and took it all the way to the SB and to me that's encouraging. The Ravens are struggling but unlike last year they are getting the wins and once they figure it out and the offense is more consistent and starts faster like actually scoring in the first quarter and Suggs gets back and the defense becomes more consistent...i think only good things are in the future for this team. Will the defense be like the ones in past years? Idk, they struggled against the run in the first half but made the adjustments and shut it down, I think once Suggs comes back and we can get consistent pressure on the QB it will help the entire unit. A pass rush is very important to the play of the secondary and it will help out the run defense too.

So in closing yesterday was an ugly win but a win is a win not matter how it looks and the Ravens don't need to peak in week 5, they have plenty to work on and plenty of areas they can get better at and once they do they'll be even more dangerous. That's encouraging