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    Re: Game Thread: Ravens @ Chiefs

    No one wants to win lol.

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    Re: Game Thread: Ravens @ Chiefs

    We are lucky, oh so lucky if we win this game

    Chiefs throwing it away

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    Re: Game Thread: Ravens @ Chiefs

    HAHAHAHA Go Ravens!!! Quitters gonna quit!!!!!!

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    If the fuck ups are Harbaugh's fault then so was that fumble recovery. And the pick.

    Good job Harbs!
    My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging. -Hank Aaron

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    Re: Game Thread: Ravens @ Chiefs

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevlar View Post
    Maybe Flacco can't handle the pressure of getting the play calling done with the opposing fan noise? True that could be on the coaches for not getting a better system in, silent count, whatever, but Joe looks a lot more rattled on the road. Granted most QBs do.
    Flacco has not been the problem in this game.

    He hasn't been great, but he has not been one of the worst players on the field. He's the second best Raven on the field today, second only to Rice.

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    Re: Game Thread: Ravens @ Chiefs

    well thank god the chiefs don't want to win either

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    Re: Game Thread: Ravens @ Chiefs

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    TEAM not playing well on the road, again, on all three sides of the ball.

    And it's NOT Harbs fault?!?!

    Look, I love Harbs more than most but come on.

    Team failures fall squarely on the coaching, especially now it's a trend going back two seasons.
    It's hard to win on the road.

    Why are people acting like we are playing a team with no talent? The Chiefs led the NFL in rushing entering the game at over 175 YPG. The Chiefs have 2 guys in thier front 7 with double digit sack capability, a top 7ish corner and probably the top young safety in the game. There is a reason why so many people picked them to contend for a wild card.

    The Chiefs have talent.

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    Re: Game Thread: Ravens @ Chiefs

    Wow. Is this real life?
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    Re: Game Thread: Ravens @ Chiefs

    Quote Originally Posted by RavensQB View Post
    Dan "Iwetmyself" Peas

    Has been an ISSUE all fking year......

    Not being foolish. Just dont drink purple KOOLAID
    I agree with this and I've been saying it all season. I do not like Pees. He out and out sucks as a DC. I don't like sounding like negative Nellie but I am a realist and I trust my own eyes.

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    Re: Game Thread: Ravens @ Chiefs

    why tried to return that?

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    Re: Game Thread: Ravens @ Chiefs

    Ed was down in the end zone. we should get that back on the 20.

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    Re: Game Thread: Ravens @ Chiefs

    wow, we are soooooooooooooo lucky


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