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    REUTERS: Mitt gains 4 points in 2 days

    Mitt's points continue to climb after his strong debate showing to 4 points in 2 days.

    It was 3 pts in 1 day in the battleground states with Mitt going ahead in Florida and VA by 3 and by 1 in Ohio which was a light blue state leaning DEM.

    Out of 94% of registered voters, 54% say Romney was the stronger candidate.

    Rasmussen said he's seen some movement too but it will be after Sunday for him to post anything.

    And it depends on the polls and how the polls were stated and if they were likely voters. The race was tight going into the debate.

    The DEMs own polls POLITICOL and ABC/WASH Post both had OBY
    up by just +2 in the general election last Monday.

    OBY is sure to come back in the next debate but it might be
    too little too late, especially with the indies and un-decideds
    making up their minds that Mitt was the stronger person for
    President with 48% of survey taken.
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