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    Re: 1st Presidential Debate....what did you think?

    This admin will go to Chavez like lengths to steal this election. The 180 million dollar haul, most of it untraceable, is frightening.

    Probably China and Russia trying to get the weak one back in there so America continues it's sharp decline to third world status.
    -"You are about to enter a world of pain."

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    Re: 1st Presidential Debate....what did you think?

    Exactly Moe and great post.

    TV said this morning that OBY is getting a lot of over seas money and
    some of it is illegal. I couldn't hang around to see where it was
    coming from but I bet it's from like you said and his dictator buddy
    down south.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post

    Gary Johnson is on 48 of 51 ballots, is in litigation on two and is also fighting for the third he is not on. The Libertarians are typically on all ballots or at most missing on a couple. And it is the state party's that fight to keep them and the Greens and other parties off as much as they can. As much as the two major parties supposedly bicker they work together to keep down smaller parties.
    Thanks. I did not realize he managed to get on so many ballots.

    But that then begs to question your assertion that both parties work in conjunction to keep smaller parties down. He's on most of the ballots do people can actually vote for him. How is he being kept down.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    Just the system for an electorate too busy watching American Idol to actually figure out what is going on! Simple system for simpletons. Nothing personal.
    You don't want the alternative. German politics is a shit show when it comes to compromise. People like you or I who lean as far right as we do are so marginalized, it's almost an exercise in futility.
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