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    Re: Suggs on Track for Return This Season (Merged)

    Achilles injuries are not big a deal, unless you tear it off from the heel bone. Which Suggs did not do. I dont know where Bowers tore his. Suggs new Achilles will actually be stronger than his other one (not repaired). All of us, if you are likely over 30 or so or even younger have Achilles micro tears in you realize it or not. Been there done that. My ruptured Achilles tendon is much stronger than the one not ruptured. Problem is we dont get enought absorbable Sulfur in our diets to strenthen our tendons. It's not a miracle, IMO.

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    Re: Suggs on Track for Return This Season (Merged)

    Not every medical injury is cookie cutter. In this case, it obviously wasn't as bad as people thought it was. I just think that in this day and age, they try to exagerate injuries and prepare people for the worst case scenario. Who knows, he may have even been able to come back in week 4 or 5 if he wasn't on PUP.

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    Re: Suggs on Track for Return This Season (Merged)

    Quote Originally Posted by TheJoeFlaccoShow View Post
    Just TERRIBLE wasn't it. Can't imagine anyone predicting something injury related 6 months ago, and then sticking by what they said instead of waffling. I mean we should just take every players word when they say they are going to defy medical science and history from now on.

    I was proven wrong by a f%^&*ng miracle. Those aren't my words by the way, pretty much everyone was completely dumbfounded how soon he returned. I can pull up about 20 quotes if you would like. Doctors, players, coaches, people around the team etc...etc...
    Gee, congratulations, you stuck to what you said. BFD. Try not to break your arm patting yourself on the back. The issue here, since you seem to have missed it yet again, is the fact that you called anyone and everyone who disagreed with your non-expert opinion a moron.

    And I see that even your "crow-eating" post needed an edit by a moderator. Nice job.

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    Since this has become a thread about JFS and not Suggs, it's shut down.

    Time for everyone to move on.
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