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Thread: Lardarius Webb

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    Re: Ladarius Webb

    Quote Originally Posted by steelerhater View Post
    Maybe two years ago I'd agree with that, but ever since the middle of last year, Ngata has been pretty average. From what I've seen thus far, no Raven is collapsing the pocket. Hell, we can't even collapse the pocket on a blitz up the middle.
    Do you realize he gets trippled and doubled all game?? The times he does get left one and one bad things happen to offenses, its up to the rest of the guys to win their matchups on the outside, which neither Kruger nor Upshaw is very good at, Upshaw is a rookie and has shown way more than Kruger in 4 games for as long as kruger been here.

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    Re: Ladarius Webb

    Quote Originally Posted by jonboy79 View Post
    I have to agree here. Imagine how bad our D would look without Ngata? SCARY.

    But then I place a LOT of value on the big phat phatties in the trenches. I think Ngata is easily a top 10 player in the NFL at any position, and I also think that Larry Allen has to be mentioned when talking about best players in the history of the league at any position so.... Not everyone will agree with me to say the least.

    And, FWIW, with Revis out and Nnamdi stinking the joint up, I think the discussion is between Webb, Jon Joseph, DRC(the better Cromartie) and that's probably it in my book.
    wow, never thought of what our defense would be without ngata. we would be out of business.


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