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    Positives from the game

    What were some positives you took from the game.

    McClellan - guy looked good and got a lot of playing time. Lead the team in tackles.
    Pierce - broke that long run and averaged 8 YPC
    Cary Williams - not an overall great game but jumping that route for the pick six changed everything.
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    - Upshaw's paced improvement.
    - Pierce
    - Torrey Smith's hands. No drops to-date but I was still a bit skeptical until he snagged that ridiculous laser for 6. Looked like Sharpe from Favre back in the day.

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  3. Re: Positives from the game

    Anquan Boldin still has it. He's a tough WR and I wish we'd utilize his skills more often.

    Bernard Pierce looks like a great compliment to Ray and he has some nice shifting ability to hit the hole.

    Upshaw and McClellan are really solid edge setters. Ellerbe was pretty impressive overall too.

    On the other side, Weeden and Richardson are two players Cleveland can build around offensively. Both looked pretty impressive IMO.

    Overall, gritty, ugly game and glad we were able to get a win.

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    Re: Positives from the game

    T. Smith again, Boldin showing up big in 2nd half, and Ellerbe still making plays.

    It's gonna take more from Williams before he stops getting picked on by QB's. He finally made a play on the pick 6, but he still plays his man without looking for the ball.

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    Re: Positives from the game

    My biggest positive is that under the circumstances and as poorly as the ravens played they still found a way to win this game. This is what championship teams do. The next test is to play poorly on the road and still win. KC would be a good litmus test. It's time to erase memories of the Jags/Seattle game last year. Then I think this team has arrived regardless of how it got there.
    Another positive is no injuries and last but not least 11 days to prepare for KC:)

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    Re: Positives from the game

    I don't think the Ravens will come out flat at KC. With the extra rest, they will be ready and focused.

    The positives from this game IMO:

    1. Getting out with the W. The Browns have played us tough and kept games close. We always expect a blowout, and for some reason it doesn't materialize. This time the Ravens made some mistakes and left points on the field, and the Browns had some lucky bounces. It happens, but the team showed it can overcome most anything, yet again.

    2. Bernard Pierce. This rook can ball. Period. Ricky who?

    3. Torrey Smith. He's establishing himself as a bonafied star in the NFL.

    4. Anquan Boldin. Welcome back Quan. Great 2nd half.

    5. Joe Flacco. The debate over his "eliteness" should be over for good. He puts the ball in places with zip, touch, accuracy, that few, if any other QB's currently in the NFL can make. Some of the throws last night were insanely good.

    6. Carey Williams. Finally, Carey turns and looks for the ball and makes the easy pick six. He could have done that several times this year, maybe he'll start doing it more.

    7. Courtney Upshaw. Not yet a pass rush factor, but he's been great setting the edge. He needs to develop some moves, but he's looking like a good pick.

    8. Run defense. Lost in the lack of a pass defense, is that our run defense has been pretty solid the past couple of games. Richardson was a non-factor running the ball.

    9. We are 3-1, with two key wins over potential playoff teams. We should be 4-0, if not for a blown call by the replacement refs. At 4-0, I would say were were a lock to win the division, but I'll take 3-1 because that is what I figured we'd be at this point. The fact that we did it with this gauntlet of scheduling, again shows the resiliency of this team.

    10. Offense. Once again, we put up over 400 yards, against a defense that was in the top 10 last year, in a driving rainstorm. Do the Ravens have the best offense in the NFL? I believe so.

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    Re: Positives from the game

    Boldin stepped up in the 2nd half, after the other WRs had established themselves, and carried the offense like he can do (see please vs. AZ, 2011 or the last drive of the AFCCG).

    Ol' Stone Hands Williams was johnny on the spot w/ a pick 6.

    Tucker's first miss wasn't all that scarring and is now out of the way.

    Pierce moved the ball well on some carries.

    We largely shut down Richardson and literally took out Cribbs, which leaves the Browns w/o much in the way of weapons. PS: Was glad to see Cribbs walk off mostly on his own. He's a baller and is long-suffering there in Cleveland.

    A short week in a long month on a slick field but no injuries.

    The retarded Thurs. night game is out of the way for the year.

    We're 3-1 at the quarter mile post.

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    Re: Positives from the game

    A win
    No injuries
    10 days off
    Webb, Boldin, Flacco, Smith

    Browns front 7 is pretty good, they are athletic up front and have barely lost 2 tough games before this one. Had they gotten RGIII watchout. NOT GETTING RGIIII really set them back, thank God. I think their D is better than the Steelers aging, falling apart with ducktape D, with wasted draft picks, but the Steelers have Big Ben.

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    Re: Positives from the game

    Torrey Smith has become a true #1 receiver and Boldin proved that he can take over a game from time to time.

    Flacco proved that even with Pitta shut down he still has lots of other options.

    McClellan keeps improving with every game.

    2 division games played and both were wins.

    Now they need to rest up for the Chiefs.
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    Re: Positives from the game

    The fact that we won is a good start.
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    Re: Positives from the game

    Weird part of schedule is over. No more night games and games at weird times and dates. Hopefully a bunch of 1;00 o'clock starts a roll. They're 1 horrible offensive PI away from being 4-0.

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    Re: Positives from the game

    I loved how Joe threw passes to receivers that weren't really 'open'. Let's face it, Boldin can be covered well by any average DB now, but Q will go up and get if its near him. Joe had the confidence and pinpoint accuracy to throw some of those tough passes last nite. Those 'elite' (f---in hate that term now) guys like Peyton, Brady, & Brees are legendary b/c of them. If he continues to throw them, we gotta expect a few DBs to make a great play on it with an INT. So if Joe throws a pick on a pass to a well-covered receiver, let's not jump to conclusion that Joe has regressed, Joe Sucks... yada yada yada.... Hell, it may even cost us a game. Ultimately, I think the Ravens finally realize that they have to outscore teams simply b/c the defense is just average at best. Joe is going to have to make some of those risky passes in order to win and I really like what I saw last nite.


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