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    Re: Ludicrous Torrey Smith Stat

    Torrey's been impressive. Really impressive. I never thought he'd be this good when we drafted him. He definitely can get better too, we just have to hope that we can scheme ways to keep getting him and Q the ball as defenses adjust.

    How about Tandon Doss' catch last night too? We also haven't seen much of Thompson or LaQuan and I think they have a lot of ability too. Ed Dickson is another weapon. This offense is stacked.

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    Re: Ludicrous Torrey Smith Stat

    Quote Originally Posted by lobachevsky View Post
    And how many of them have been of the "dump off to someone in the flat with no defender nearer than 20 yards" variety? Damn few. Joe's really been in bombs-away mode this year.
    When I heard that or read that stat, I can't remember which, I took it to be where the ball travelled 25 yards in the air.

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    When attributed to the QB, it should be "in the air"

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    Re: Ludicrous Torrey Smith Stat

    Easily the best in-house WR that we've produced so far (historically, we've had to sign or trade for decent WR's).


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