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    Re: Game Thread -- Ravens v. Browns

    Quote Originally Posted by Raveninwoodlawn View Post
    I made a thread about the fact that our pass defense is going to be mediocre/bad all year.

    That doesn't mean that we aren't a really good team. And it's because our offense is going to be able to make up a significant portion of the slack there.

    We are just so used to if our defense isn't lights out, we don't have a chance...most of the elite teams don't have elite's just how the NFL is these days. We'd be in trouble if we didn't have the offense we look to have...another game of 430+ yards is big time and will keep us in the top 2-3 in the entire NFL...I don't think we've ever been that high after 4 weeks.
    We got more pressure this game than in the previous three. If we can keep up this kind of pressure, we're going to force more picks with our secondary.

    Weeden played a hell of a game.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Ravens v. Browns

    I hear ya Scally but what's with all this complaining?
    They act like it's a big deal 'cause we coasted to a win after playing 4 games in 17 days.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Ravens v. Browns

    Quote Originally Posted by Baltimoreboy View Post
    Not to nitpick but,

    We started the season on 9/10/12
    This game was over on 9/27/12
    That's 4 games in 17 days.
    You have to include 9/10 when counting days. That's why you're are short a day.
    360 tag: Ahhhhhhhhnold

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    Re: Game Thread -- Ravens v. Browns

    Joe out-played Brady in last 2 games so you're right, he can do
    it with those other guys.


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