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    Re: "An aging, an AGING, Baltimore Ravens defense"

    The talking heads and media just use the "getting old in age" crap for something to talk about. As long as Ray and Ed are on the field, they will continue to reference age. I think for the most part, they are surprised that Ed and Ray are still playing at the level that they are playing at, and keep using the age angle in case the D falters. Being ranked 27th so far this year, it's adding fuel to the "aging" fire... It just gives them something to talk or write about.

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    Re: "An aging, an AGING, Baltimore Ravens defense"

    Total off the wall analogy here but hang in with me:

    Back a few decades ago when scientists were first playing with time lapse photography it was assumed that there was little that could be scientifically valuable in watching things in a different time frame. However, one curious (or perhaps bored) scientist decided to set up a camera to record the action of maggots on a dead mouse over the span of two weeks. Day by day the maggots crept over the dead body until little was left but bones and the maggot wiggled away in search for more food.

    Interestingly, when the scientist collected the film and reviewed it he found that instead of just some random feast by the maggots they coordinated their eating, practically 'swimming' back & forth over the body together as a group to devour it. It turned out by working together their combined digestive juices destroyed the mouse carcass with greater efficiency. This was something never noticed before time lapse photography.

    So my point? The media opinion is kind of like a pack of maggots on a dead mouse - working together they get more mileage than if they were to stray off on their own and offer an honest opinion. It's just pack mentality, it exists everywhere.

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    Re: "An aging, an AGING, Baltimore Ravens defense"

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Van Cleef View Post
    One thing I do want to say is that Reed looked slow out there. There was one play where I could see him busting it to try and get over to the receiver but he just wasn't fast enough. I don't think I've ever watched a game before where I thought Reed looked like an ordinary safety...that's what he looked like last night.
    After an emotional, phsyical win over the Pats what did you expect??...And by the way Ed was banged up all week and even took equipment home with him to continue treatment on himself around the clock. Harbaugh mentioned this in his post game conference.

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    Re: "An aging, an AGING, Baltimore Ravens defense"

    Maybe they forgot that when Ray was out, for four games in 2011, the Ravens won them all (?) ... Bc

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    Re: "An aging, an AGING, Baltimore Ravens defense"

    They have been saying that for like 5 years now.

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    Re: "An aging, an AGING, Baltimore Ravens defense"

    Nothin' to see here, folks. Same old media lines. Whether you attribute it to ignorance, media laziness, or alien conspiracy, I don't see it changing as long as Ray and Ed continue to play. Like it or not, those two guys represent the face of the franchise.

    Think about it: whenever network telecasts put up a promo for the teams in upcoming games, whose picture do they feature on their graphic?

    Pats? Tom Brady.
    Broncos? Peyton Manning
    Giants? Eli Manning
    Packers? Aaron Rodgers.
    Saints? Drew Brees

    And so on. All quarterbacks, because even the most casual fans know who those guys are. They are each the face of their respective franchises.

    Now let's say the network wants to plug an upcoming game featuring the Ravens. Whose picture goes on the graphic? Why, Ray Lewis, of course. He remains the one Baltimore Raven best known to non-Raven fans everywhere, our offensive stars notwithstanding. That being the case, the thinking probably goes something like: Ray Lewis is the most famous Raven. The Ravens are historically known for defense. Ray Lewis is getting long in the tooth. Ergo, the Ravens defense is getting long in the tooth.

    Faulty logic that, but this hardly ever stops anyone, whether they be politicians or sports "analysts".

    FWIW, I also find the whole "aging defense" thing a bit annoying. But we'll keep hearing it while Ray is around, and probably Ed as well.


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