Alright losac, i'll stop posting.

I'm done hating on McNair for now. I'll post again after we play some elites and McNair proves me wrong, or doesn't. Not for one second do I want to be a "Tex Ritter". however, I'm never going to be a McNair yes man. If he plays well, props, if he doesn't, like throwing rainbow picks into double coverage, I'll critique him just like you'd critique boller for the same.

Additoinally, I limited my commentary on McNair to non personal attacks and question that are within the realm of football, like whether or not having a dead arm allows you to throw deeps outs, comeback routes, and seam routes that are necessary to keep elite teams / defenses at bay.

In any case, I promise right now not to post until during the regular season. I hope that helps you sleep better at night, or something