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    OT: Seattle's Pass Rush

    Wow. These guys have sacked Rodgers 8 times in 1.5 quarters. Chris Clemmons has four, Bruce Irvin two, and I believe Brendan Mebane has two. This is a fine demonstration of you beat up on these quick release QBs like Rodgers, Brady, Manning, etc. Beat them up! Wish we had those kinda aggressive pass rushers. Oh well, at least we've got a top-ten offensive now.

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    Re: OT: Seattle's Pass Rush

    If seattle had a good quarterback or at least an experienced one this team would be a superbowl favorite they have a dominating defense.

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    Re: OT: Seattle's Pass Rush

    Also they have built this defense fairly quickly ozzie needs to get with the new nfl its all about the pass rush

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    Re: OT: Seattle's Pass Rush

    Far out that's a lot of sacks. Rodgers nonetheless.

    I haven't seen that many sacks in a half since my last Madden game (those games have crazy CPU pass rush AI).

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    Re: OT: Seattle's Pass Rush

    Haha, a real life Madden Nano Blitzes.

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    Re: OT: Seattle's Pass Rush

    They also had their big CB's press and getting physical with GB's WR's.

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    Re: OT: Seattle's Pass Rush

    Seattle is scary. Dominant defense. I'm also very impressed by their no-name rookie QB.

    Don't be surprised to see Seattle give the 49rs and Cardinals a serious run for that division title.
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