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    Re: Seven Nation Army

    Quote Originally Posted by helloharv View Post
    you like that chant? do you hear anyone yelling it ?
    I hate it too... the one from last was better...

    prepared to <spit> and <swear> at any minute.. blame it on PMS!


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    Re: Seven Nation Army

    I didn't notice a particularly loud BS chant on Thursday. There was a smattering, but nothing like from Sunday.

    What really disappointed me was the new UA nonsense. Such a shame. "I Will" was / is iconic and it always worked. This new promotion feels very forced and not a all catchy.

    BTW, I noticed that the Chain Gang is gone. Does anyone know the story? Not a very reliable source, but the dude behind us claimed that he knew one of the guys and they lost their PSL's.

    No more chain gang is a good thing, IMO. Now that we have an offense (and a fast tempo one at that), I don't think they're going to be too happy about a chant right about the time they are trying to call the next play or two.
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