Man was the anthem last night great or what? Not sure if the TV crowd got to see it or not, but Javier Colon just killed it. In a good way. Would like to see a replay of that one.

Alright, on to a few other observations:

Refs - I have to say this - MOST of the flags were legit. The game was sloppy as all get out and hard to watch in person. Until the end of course.. And as far as the worst calls of the night, I'm going with the one where Williams mugs Edelman and Edelman gets called for offensive PI. Almost reminded me of something similar that happened with Jacoby Jones last week in Philly. We should be 3-0 this morning. GRRRRRRRRRR

Speaking of Williams - holy crap, they should keep a fire extinguisher nearby for every time he is on the field. Even the video boards were showing constant replays of him getting beat - at a home game no less! Dude has to play better than that.

Fans - Smattering of Pats fans in our section (509). A couple were being downright obnoxious. Jumping up and screaming and clapping for every simple play the Pats made. Then by the 4th quarter the SAFE goons started hauling people out. Why can't people just watch a tight game without acting like imbeciles?

Super Hero Fan - Wonder if that guy got BULLIED at Central Booking last night. What a fruitcake

"BS" chant - that was fun to be part of.. even though I did feel guilty with some kids nearby. And it was almost like whomever works in the control room on game days was egging it on buy playing the "thump thump" DEEE-FENSE chant on the video boards. once the fans got into it.

Our defense - something that really stands out to me is that a bulk of the yardage our defense is giving up early in the season is right smack dab in the middle of the field - mostly on crossing routes. This smells directly of LB's and SS's (are you listening Bernard?) being out of position or just not having good coverage skills. Between that and really no pass rush yet to speak of (our sacks this year have been on blitzes for the most part), I just don't know if this defense will even crack the top 10 this year with two really glaring weaknesses.