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    Updating Article on "Fast-N-Furious"

    “Our investigation made clear that the failures within ATF, which included a long term strategy in Operation Fast and Furious that was fully supported by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, were systemic and not due to the acts of only a few individuals,” (.pdf) wrote Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Those conclusions partially vindicate what Holder’s defenders have long maintained, that the botched gun-walking operation was isolated to the ATF Phoenix Field Division and then-U.S. attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke. The report also doesn’t go as far as Holder’s critics would have liked.
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    Re: Updating Article on "Fast-N-Furious"

    Looks like Obama got someone to fall on the sword. We will never know how far up it went.

    Personally, I don't think it made it's way up to Holder or Obama. That would mean either was actually engaged in the goings on of the various departments at the DoJ and I think Holder is more concerned about protecting coercive Black Panthers, intimidating folks at polling places, than he is about a gun running operation.

    The book is closed on this one.


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