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    LOL - GM wants to fire OBY as CEO

    Remember how they begged the gov't to lend them over $50B and it did and OBY fired the
    CEO and ran the company himself?

    Now they want out of the Gov't and the Gov't
    says no way as selling now will cause the gov't to
    lose money.

    GM wants to do away with the pay restrictions
    in order to attract top talent. This is what
    happens when you sell your soul to the devil.

    It's Gov't Motors now.

    Welcome to Socialism GM. It is here to stay.

    Me thinks the gov't is still pissed about the banks not adhering
    to the restrictions imposed on them with all that TARP money.
    They were supposed to loan it out to the people but hoarded it
    making billions on interest before paying it all back while 11
    banks acquired 77% of all US bank accounts. Meanwhile, millions lost their homes. They're not going to fool around with GM.
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