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    Re: Speaking of bad QB performances...

    Quote Originally Posted by StingerNLG View Post
    Peyton is not an elite QB. 7 points on the road to Atlanta with 3 picks?

    Anyway, the NFLPA is starting to turn on this replacement ref thing, and they are right. These refs are starting to make the NFL look bad here.
    Missed calls here and there are one thing, but games taking 4+ hours because the refs can't figure out what is what is something entirely different and a BIG stain on this season so far.
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    Re: Speaking of bad QB performances...

    Manning didn't look that great against the Steelers either until he went to the no-huddle and found a rhythm.

    On the road though he wasn't able to use the no-huddle very much and I think that impacted his game.


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