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OK- I just got back online, and I haven't read every response- but I don't think either of those rules apply in this case:

Read my original post on the topic- these exceptions pre-suppose that the QB was already attemting to pass, and THEN becomes contacted. THAT IS NOT THE CASE HERE! The passer did NOT initiate the passing and THEN became hit. He was first hit, and then decided to pass.

Vick was contacted FIRST and was about to hit the ground, and THEN decided to fling the ball TO AVOID THE SACK. That is the difference. That is the whole point of grounding- to not be able to chuck it away when you know that you are going to be tackled. I'm not even going to dignify the second point since I don't even think he was outside of the pocket.

And fyi- I don't even think that they would have had the power to overturn it anyway (and throw a grounding flag)- since they stupidly ruled it a fumble.
Subsection b) seems to go out of its way not to include the language that requires the QB to be in the process of throwing when the defender hits him, i.e. there is no "and then."

As for the stupidity of ruling it a fumble, I am still trying to figure out how the officials are supposed to deal with situation (assuming it was grounding or a fumble but possibly either). I guess they could throw the flag, refrain from blowing the whistle, let the play go until it is recovered, mark the spot, call the penalty, and review for fumble later. But I am not sure that kind of option exists.