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LOL...you have a problem with how the league views the tackle box, take it up with them.

This rule has existed for a decade and a half and it was put in for safety reasons. Regarding the tackle box only, every team benefits from it, even the Ravens and Joe.

The only questionble part of that play was whether Vick had zero intention of getting it to McCoy or not. And in the end the rule that it can't be grounding because he was getting hit makes it moot.

But my "theory" of the tackle box is not a theory at all. It's a fact that is in the rule book...whether you think it's a bullshit rule or not.
This one is real simple it was either a fumble or incomplete pass. More than willing to rip the zebra's for their performance on Sunday but per NFL rules there cannot be intentional grounding if the QB is hit in the act of throwing. The intention of the clause is to prevent an ugly throw affected by a SIMULTANEOUS hit to be ruled as intentional grounding if the QB meant to throw to a receiver but the hit changes the trajectory of the ball

If you watch the play in slow motion it seems he was throwing the ball after being hit which would be intentional grounding. That said in real time which the refs see the play it is not so cut and dry. The play throw and hit are close enough to warrant not throwing a flag on that. Had they thrown one on Flacco for a similar play we would all be up in arms. When reviewing the play the officials cannot call a penalty. It was either a fumble or incomplete pass and anyone watching that can tell it was not a fumble if they are objective IMO.

Give Vick some credit. It was good game awareness and smart play.