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That would only really apply if there was a receiver in the vicinity, and there wasn't. He wasn't attempting to get the ball to a receiver, that was pretty clear. It should have either been called intentional grounding, or a sack.
McCoy is out in the flat by the sideline. No, the ball doesn't get close to McCoy, but that's because Vick was being hit when he throws the ball. There is a reverse angle from behind Vick where you can see McCoy's feet at the top of the screen and that Vick's arm is clearly moving in that direction.

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When a guy is being hit, the force of the hit can COMPLETELY change the trajectory of the throw. You can't call that intentional grounding.
Agreed. I didn't think it was anything close to Grounding. There have been plenty of instances where a QB has been hit while releasing the ball, the ball ends up landing nowhere near any receivers and it's not called grounding. And, shouldn't be.