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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    once again, no coverage...
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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Jimmy Smith and Cary Williams are useless

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    How is Jimmy getting tooled by this rookie

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    holy cow, our CB's SUCK.

    Why are we not getting in these little WR faces and pressing?

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    these are the bert jones ravens. we will need to outscore the opponent.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Come on Ravens...damn it. Come on and make a stop.

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    Defense just cannot get off the field. Just like last year.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    The Ravens D looks very ordinary without both Suggs and Pollard.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    I'm not disappointed with the defense. Hell if we run the ball, they're not on the field as much.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by leachisabeast View Post
    You guys need to chill out, if this D makes a turnover you will all forget about it.
    The Defense has already given up over 300 yards of offense to the Eagles, and we're not even half-way thru the 3rd Quarter.

    If we have to count on getting a FORTH turnover, then we're just playing terrible defense. And we are.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    They're taking the lead here. Cam better get his head out of his ass.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Our CB's outside of Webb aren't even coming close to contesting these throws.

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