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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Astonishing - truly astonishing level of stupidity on that play call.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread


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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Just can't believe it. NE are losing to Arizona and we're playing like ass.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Ugghhhh the freaking short out AGAIN on that play!!!

    If you can't beat press you have to go to something else and the offense is not adjusting at all

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Wow this is just going nowhere...

    Throwing on 3rd and short....

    Where'd the no huddle go?

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    New and improved offense!

  7. Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    what the FUCK is going on this with this offense? 3rd and 2 twice in a row and they can't get DICK going ? WTF

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Where are all the Cam lovers? Lol.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    This third down bullshit is on whoever is calling the plays. All they are doing is playing press and rushing four. No one is open. He doesn't have time for anyone to shake open. Run the FUCKING ball.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Rice had 11 yards per carry in the 1st half, and Flacco is still throwing the damn ball on 3rd down. It makes no sense.. Rice gets 8 yards on 2nd down and Flacco misses to Bolding when they only need 2 yards.
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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    Joe's price is coming down.

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    Re: Week 2 Game Thread

    OK.. that was one hell of a call there on 3 and 2. yeah, really brilliant !

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