At the time and for a long time after, I wanted Rex as coach. I even railed against Harbaugh as being just a manager as well as his lack of coordinator experience. I felt that Harbs' best attributes were that he looked like someone who could put on a suit and go work at Aerotek and churn out PowerPoints.

Hindsight as it is, Bisciotti made the right choice. What the team needed was not a charismatic coach who favored one side of the ball (or locker room) but a single presence who could stand for the team as a whole. What they needed was a strong leader, not someone who would be one of the guys or tight with any group of guys.

Harbs earned the respect of all the players and did turn the team back into a single team. And for what it's worth, the combination of Harbs as coach with Flacco then coming on, will define the Ravens going forward. The Ravens needed to have a strong coaching presence as leader, given that Ray won't be around forever. Sizzle will be a leader in his own way, Harbs will be there too.

I have been critical in the past of Cam's presence as nepotism, especially with all the disappointments in the past. But now that things are coming together, I have to wonder if Bisch, Ozzie, and Harbs foresaw all of this as a five-year plan, with Caldwell sort of falling into it and enhancing it.

I really can't see things being the same way they are on the Ravens now with Rex as head coach. Seems like the Woody Johnson/Tannenbaum/Rex plan has been to just throw stuff against the wall and see if it sticks.