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    W will decide this election

    With 23M Americans unemployed or under-employed, Mitt should be 20 pts ahead of OBY. This is why he isn't and why W will decide this election.

    Historically speaking the GOP won every election after the Civil War up til 1880 not because their candidates were so good but because Americans thought of Abraham Lincoln when they thought about the GOP.

    Then the tables turned at the beginning of the Great Depression as Americans looked unfavorably and blamed Hoover and elected FDR.

    Then an unpopular Truman won because Americans looked favorably at FDR for leading them thru the depression and war years.

    History repeated itself again with the 2d worse crash and depression under W's watch and Americans elected a young and inexperienced African American.

    History should repeat itself again in about 50 days as they still blame
    W for their probs. OBY is getting the word out and Americans seem to be willing to give him another chance. Even Rasmussen had OBY up by +1 and he's been leading on the electoral map since the beginning but OBY never gets elected to begin with if the economy stayed the same as it did in the first 7.10 years of W's presidency.

    And for any minority who plays the race card and say whites want him out because of his
    color, it was white money and white votes that got him in. African Americans only consist
    of about 12.6% of the population of over 300M as of 2010 so a lot of whites had to vote for him and will again.

    Ws ghost will haunt another GOP candidate in November.
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