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    Any chance of Jets beating the Steelers?

    Not that the Steelers have been bad or anything, they played quite a good game against a SB contending Broncos team, but just came up short on the road. The Jets looked really good against the Bills, but lets remember, it's the Bills. Sanchez is still Sanchez no matter how well he played against Buffalo, I'm not sold he can beat the Steelers with his arm, but the Jets could pull one off if they execute at least a little on offense, and continue to play good defense.

    Imagine with an 0-2 Steelers, and the potential for us to be 2-0, that's a significant head start to the winning this division.

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    PIT will make Dirty Sanchez's life a misery for sure. Cant see them going 0-2 though I'd love it

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    Re: Any chance of Jets beating the Steelers?

    it could happen. hoping Rex can create some blitzes and overmatch the Squealer's injured o-line and maybe figure how to keep the molester from running around and making those playground plays. Jets O vs Pigs D worries me but they sure had something going Sunday.
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    I'm expecting a PITT blowout. Remember after we spanked them week 1 last year they destroyed whoever they played week 2 (Tennessee IIRC)?

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    Re: Any chance of Jets beating the Steelers?

    Their worst nightmare is on the Jets sidelines, two words, Tim Tebow lol. Seriously, I think they match up favorably with the Steelers, but old Yinz town gives Sanchez the blues most likely. 20-17 based on Sanchez turnovers.

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    Re: Any chance of Jets beating the Steelers?

    I f it was at the Jets stadium,I would say it could happen. At pittsburgh, the crowd gives the steelers extra points. Will say that bb gets his usual sacks and knockdowns, good chance he suffers some sort of injury. Jets with sanchez means turnovers and once he gets hit real hard, he will get scared as usual. Everyone remember how he was after Ngata layed a whooping on him. Harrison will want to get some hard hits after missing the first game(if he plays).

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    Re: Any chance of Jets beating the Steelers?

    Its a pretty big game for them though. Last year they played a so-so at best Seattle team. Jets D is still got some game, their offense not so scary though. A loss would really hurt so I figure they will tough out a Sanchez (Pick Six or something like that) aided win 24-13
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    Re: Any chance of Jets beating the Steelers?

    They're similar to the Ravens so it's certainly possible but they have their work cut out. Coming off a loss and at home, Pitt will be focused.
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