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    After a great nights sleep I woke up and thought wow. The best offensive performance in the Flacco era. Everyone on offense contributed. Very immpressed and a little less concerned about our D. Maybe we won't have a top 5 D that we are all use to but that offense if it can stay consistant will cover alot of flaws. Finally Joe looks as if he has taken the next step. Loved how they kept the pedal to the metal. My favorite part of the game was seeing kicks straight through the uprights without massive amounts of body english used.

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    I fully agree, though there is a massive difference when it comes to the offense between playing at home and on the road, especially if you rely on a lot of audibles. Crowd noise can become a major impediment.

    It will be interesting to see how well we do at Philly this weekend. I am not doubting we will do very well, but am curious to see if we no-huddle and audible as much as we did at home. And if we do, I hope we can limit the miscommunications and penalties, etc, due to crowd noise. The best cure for crowd noise is to jump out on top and silence the crowd, so hopefully we are aggressive early.


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