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    Credit where credit is due

    Jacoby Jones made the most of all of his opportunities tonight.

  2. Re: Credit where credit is due

    He did have a wrong route that he ran on our first drive...But for the most part, he caught everything that was thrown his way...:celery

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    Re: Credit where credit is due

    An excellent addition to the team.

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    Re: Credit where credit is due

    No complaints with Jones. Route mixups happen from time to time especially 1st game in a new offense. Most importantly he made the catch when the opportunity presented itself. He pretty much was what most of us had hoped for from Lee Evan last year but never got
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    Re: Credit where credit is due

    He looked good out there. I was impressed.

    I was really surprised though when Thompson was lined up deep for the kick off.
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    Re: Credit where credit is due

    Agreed - I'm sure plenty of houston fans were watching MNF thinking "wait...was that the same Jacoby Jones who used to play for us?".


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