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    Young and Taylor Accolades

    Watching the post-game accolades from Steve Young and Jason Taylor was such a nice turn of events!!

    Young continued to say that THIS is the Offense that Ray Lewis has hoped for, For the last ten years. Taylor was equally as favorable in his comments talking about how the offense, if it continues, will make the defense very happy with their high scoring and less time on the field.

    Both continued in their comments about how if things continue, it will be hard to NOT see the Ravens pushing for the title this year!

    While both of these commentators are young in their commentating careers, I DO value their experience in the league and their knowledge of what is necessary to become a contender!

    I think WE have the continuing growth, and NOW a marked improvement to move further into what we have had, and to go much further!!

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    Re: Young and Taylor Accolades

    It was amazing to see everyone on ESPN and NFLN gushing over the Ravens. Everyone loves a juggernaut, which is what the Ravens looked like last night. It's not like they were playing a team that imploded on itself, like Bills did, the Bengals were putting up a fight, and the Ravens just overpowered, and overwhelmed them.

    The Ravens put on a spectacular show, against a playoff team from last year. It wasn't a mirage.

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    Re: Young and Taylor Accolades

    IMO the best part is that the Bengals are no pushovers either. That is a damn good team with a lot of young stars and a solid OL and DL.
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    Re: Young and Taylor Accolades

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    IMO the best part is that the Bengals are no pushovers either. That is a damn good team with a lot of young stars and a solid OL and DL.
    Those pesky bengals are good and should be in the playoff chase. I was impressed with how well they responded cutting it to 17-13. The total domination from that point I think was much more a reflection of how good the Ravens can be, more than more proof that the bengals are not good.


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    Re: Young and Taylor Accolades

    As happy as I am with the win I'm going temper my enthusiasm heading into next week. Last year we saw what happen following the Steelers win...

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    Re: Young and Taylor Accolades

    Cautiously optimistic. Like has ben said in this thread, we played some head-shakers last year after big wins. Let's hope we are more consistent this year.


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