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    Ray Lewis' Shirt

    Did anyone notice the shirt Ray was wearing under his uniform tonight? It was more obvious immediately after the game when he removed his pads. All I could make out was a picture of Modell on the front and the caption "career accomplishments" on the back. Couldn't see the finer details. Must be one of the ways the ravens are dedicating this season to Art. Would love to know what the rest of it said on the back.

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    Re: Ray Lewis' Shirt

    Pretty sure all the players were wearing that shirt under their uni's. Not sure what it said on the back though..

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    Re: Ray Lewis' Shirt

    they said it was just a picture on the front and a list of his accomplishments on the back. all the Ravens wore them... its their rallying point this year just like brignance was before. I like it, go win one for the gipper, boys.

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    Re: Ray Lewis' Shirt

    Would be nice it the fans could do a ART OUT with those shirts!!!!

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    Re: Ray Lewis' Shirt

    Quote Originally Posted by MountaineerRaven View Post
    Would be nice it the fans could do a ART OUT with those shirts!!!!
    The only thing that would worry me is if a Browns fan somehow got their hands on them...
    "A linebacker's job is to knock out running backs, to knock out receivers, to chase the football." - Ray Lewis


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