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    Men vs Boys

    After the Bengals made it a game again, and got with 4, the two teams went in opposite directions. Flacco directs a 95 yard drive, then they come back and tacks on the 3 points, and I(and probably everyone) got the feeling that it was about time for the Bengals and Dalton to blink. That's what they do against good teams. And blink they did...

    The thing that struck me, was at that moment, the Reed pick-six, I saw a team that was a super bowl contender doing what it should do against a pretender, and that is crush the life out of them with brutality. Suddenly the Ravens pass rush was ferocious, and the hits in the secondary exceptionally jarring. It was men against boys.

    The Ravens were teeing off at that point, and I actually started worrying that Dalton was going to get seriously hurt out there.

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    Re: Men vs Boys

    I agree. This was a statement game and the statement was "We're in this to win it all, we're going kick your ass until you fall down and when you get up....repeat".
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    Re: Men vs Boys

    I love the fact this team when they had the opportunity just snuffed the life out of the Bengals and imposed their will.... Hopefully that is another thing we will see more frequently this year to... Far to often last year we let teams hang around, think its gonna be a lot different this year
    A linebacker's job is to knock out running backs, to knock out receivers, to chase the football,
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    Re: Men vs Boys

    Not only the second half knockout mentality, but also in the first quarter, going for it on 4th down from their 20, up 3-0, that was something that didn't used to happen. We used to have the FG team trotting out in that situation without hesitation.

    There is a marked shift in our attitude on offense, if this game is any kind of indicator (and I hope it is).

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    Awesome game, but the real statement for me will be when we keep the momentum going into the next week, unlike last year.

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    Re: Men vs Boys

    I think we are finally going to see what Joe has to offer....given the FULL reigns of the offense!


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