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    Re: Player of the Game - 9/10 vs. Bengals

    Quote Originally Posted by iggyman555 View Post
    def flacco 100%...wht did u guys think about some of the questionable throws he made tonight i think he coulda had 2 ints but im glad we opened up the offense!!!
    Yeah, he was lucky on a couple, but luck doesn't explain the rest of it, Bobby Valentine. He moved the ball around to everyone, Torrey, Jones, Boldin, Pitta, Rice,Dickson, Leach.

    If I had to pick a defensive POG, w/o looking at the final stats, but having been there, I'd say Pollard. Good run support when the line was letting Jar Jar thru, some nice PDs (one on one of the near-INTs, IIRC). The guy's a hitter.

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    Re: Player of the Game - 9/10 vs. Bengals

    Anytime that you make so many good throws that you forgot which one was the 30 yard bomb to Boldin, you know you had a good night.
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