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No offense, but I don't understand or agree with this line of thinking. The NFL is a year to year proposition. I don't care if McKinnie is going to be here next year or not. I am only interested in THIS season. There are so many variables that can change from one season to another that you can't look ahead in the NFL like that. The Ravens have two regular season games left and at least one playoff game. They should only be concerned about which lineup gives them the best chance to win in those games, not which lineup is likely to be there next season. McKinnie is a better LT than Oher, so he should be playing. The Ravens can then either play Oher at LG if they feel he can handle it and if they think that the position change from RT to LG would be too difficult for KO at this stage in the season. Or they can move Oher back to RT and move KO to LG. The Ravens have already stated that they want to resign Oher for RT money, so I am not sure what the big deal is to move him back to RT.