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    OBYs thugs go after Gallup on polls they don't like

    Like the poll where Gallup had Romney up by 5 points.

    So there's supposed to be an alleged whistleblower somewhere alleging
    that Gallup over-charged the gov't on polling work so Alexrod, OBYs campaign manager got the Justice Dept to join the alleged whistleblower in a law suit vs Gallup.

    This is a scene right out of the Communist Manefesto to be sure as
    employees at the venerable Gallup polling firm suggested they felt threatened by Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod when he questioned the methodology of a mid-April poll showing Mitt Romney leading the president – according to internal emails published Thursday.”

    Guess there won't be any more negative polls on OBY from Gallup. OBYs stealing this election like Kennedy stole the 1960 election from Nixon with
    all those dead people voting in Chicago. It's always something new with
    the DEMs. One thing for sure, they sure are desperate.

    Our country is being stolen from under our noses.
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