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    Ramon Harewood starting at LG

    Per a tweet from his agent. Interesting but I'm cool wiith it.

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    Re: Ramon Harewood starting at LG

    Really? Kind of a strange last minute surprise.
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    Re: Ramon Harewood starting at LG

    wow this is a strange turn of events.... so Oher, Harewood, Birk, Yanda, KO??

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    Re: Ramon Harewood starting at LG

    If the team feels good enough to start Harewood at LG, and he performs well enough to keep the job, the media narrative for our "oldest OL in the NFL" just got thoroughly blown up.

    I would imagine that even with Birk at C, our OL would flip to being one of the youngest with 4 out of 5 players 27 and under.

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    Re: Ramon Harewood starting at LG

    What the fuck!?

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    Re: Ramon Harewood starting at LG



    His agent is happy he is finally suiting up for game, nothing more.

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    Re: Ramon Harewood starting at LG

    As long as this does not signal something negative, pertaining to Marshal Yanda, I am not concerned.
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    Re: Ramon Harewood starting at LG

    Goes to show you how much (or how little) we know heading into week one. I had him as a lock for being inactive tonight. I wonder if he won the battle for the starter's spot or if something is wrong with Williams or Yanda.

    Now I have even less of a clue who will be inactive.

    Reid and Tyson are about the only two I'm fairly sure of.

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    Gotta get the snaps at some point. No way he's starting though.

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    Re: Ramon Harewood starting at LG

    lol funny joke, funny

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    Re: Ramon Harewood starting at LG

    Well, I've been singing his praises and calling people crazy for saying he wouldn't make the team, but this would be a surprise. He did look good there in the preseason when they auditioned him at LG. You'd have the safety of Oher's experience on his left, and for KO, you'd have the experience of Yanda to his left.

    Harbaugh wasn't kidding when he said he'd play the best five. To my eye, they really were the best five.

    It also would say that Mac really did piss off Harbs.

    If you are looking for more reliable confirmation, I did notice Aaron Wilson had an earlier blurb...

    Aaron Wilson ‏@RavensInsider
    Per a league source, don't be surprised by expanded role tonight for Ramon Harewood at left guard. Team is impressed with his progress

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    Re: Ramon Harewood starting at LG

    I saw this earlier and it is a bit surprising. I thought Harewood looked really good throughout preseason, but starting? At the same time, Bobbie Williams was just eh IMHO. If they feel Harewood is up to the task and is the best man for the job, why not? He's also a pretty massive dude. 6'6 340 I believe. Also, could it be that he does start at LT? Meaning KO starts at LG and Oher at RT? I don't see it, but this is very interesting stuff.


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