I Waited all Day for Sunday Night?óA Steelers message board contributor tries to make sense of yet another loss at Denver

Donít tell me to get off the ledge
A score of posts Iíll write
Trying to understand how and why
My Steelers got beat on Sunday night

The loss of Clark was huge of course
Sans him, Polo is checked in might
His gray hair flowing in the wind
I waited all day for Sunday night?

Are we cursed with OL injuries?
From a decent line, 2 more bites
An Official Oline Sucks thread
Will make me feel better Sunday night

Adams the slow, Colon the twitchy
Legs the beaten, and Pounce the slight
Limpyís the nickname of choice
For the OL as of Sunday night

Is it Hailey or Haley?
I hope heís gone before I get it right
Playcalling for a peewee game
I stayed up for Sunday night?

And what about our corners?
A group that lives in fright
Bigger cushions than my sofa
Divot deep waiting for Sunday night

We lost the 3rd quarter 7-6
With only 36 ticks on D tonight
Still Allergic to tackling Thomas?
Or just a weird ass Sunday Night?

Itís not a good front seven
Salaries higher than a kite
If I hear Hoodís OK again Iíll scream
He was invisible Sunday night

Hampton, Timmons, Worilds, and Woodley
All look huge which isnít right
A close camp gluttony contest
Must have preceded Sunday night

The roadmapís there for all to see
To send our defense in flight
No answer for the no huddle
From our boys on Sunday night

Lebeauís beloved in this town
But the blown leads just arenít right
Enjoy Florida and apple sauce please
Ere we play again Sunday night

Itís hard to blame Big Ben
Converting 3rdís to maintain the fight
But he stared down Porter like Boller
To give the game away Sunday night

Iím sure we are rebuilding
6-10 is about right
More cap concessions this offseason
And I could have slept through Sunday night