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    I have never seen a team where 3rd and long hasn't mattered...

    any more than Pittsburgh with Ben Rothlisburger and I hate it. He converts more long 3rd downs than anyone I have ever seen and it pisses me off. The guy is good. I don't ever remember having more confidence in the fact that anyone including Tom Brady, could consistently make a conversion for 10+ yards. It mskes me sick.

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    Re: I have never seen a team where 3rd and long hasn't mattered...

    I agree, he is just so good at doing that, best in the league at doing it. Tony Romo comes close, but he isn't as clutch as Ben is in those situations (or hasn't proven to be yet).

    But there are also other flaws to his game that go along with this too, that he can't match other elite QB's on.

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    Re: I have never seen a team where 3rd and long hasn't mattered...

    Yeah, those 3rd down conversions were ridiculous last night. The positive take away is it took a ton of plays for the Steelers to dink and dunk it down the field, and even with all those amazing plays they still lost by double digits. The running game was non-existent and they didn't hit any big plays. It's tough to be that one-dimensional and have sustained success.

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    At least two of those conversions were a result of personal foul penalties against Denver.

    But yes, that's Big Jens talent -- making big plays after they break down.
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