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    Re: Saints players win appeal versus NFL on bounty suspensions

    Goodell and NFL still look bad.

    Vilma has since Tweeted that he has 9 affadavits stating that he did not offer any bounty. And that The Gregg Williams affadavit was signed just 3 days ago. This would mean that Goodell had no such evidence at the time he gave out punishments.

    I was jsut watching this news on SportsCenter.

    Sounds really shady on Goodell's part if true.

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    Re: Saints players win appeal versus NFL on bounty suspensions

    JUST having an affidavit (or 9) doesn't mean anything. So both sides look silly when they say they have affidavits and start keeping an affidavit score card, like Vilma is doing.

    But when combined with the totality of this, I still think something went on and they got caught.

    The only way I see this ending bad for the league is if the Williams affidavit is all they have. But from everything I am reading, the league is holding their cards (read evidence) close to the chest. They leaked the video which shows Hargrove bragging about the bounty and now we know it was Williams himself that gave the league a statement.

    I am willing to bet this will be a slow burn by the league, culminating in Vilma looking like a fool.
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    Re: Saints players win appeal versus NFL on bounty suspensions

    Vilma got pwned. Will be interesting to follow I guess, although their season looks almost done starting 0-2. Gives them about a 12% chance of making the playoffs.
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