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so they can still be suspended but they did say insufficient evidence of a bounty. Im confused where the "agree to injure" vs "pay to injure" comes in. To me if they evidence of one they should the other especially if theyre saying there was evidence of a "pay for play". Im sure itll make more sense in the next day or two. Goodell probably wont wait very long with this. Im sure he doesnt want them to play this weekend.
No, the ruling made no reference at all to the whether the evidence was sufficient or insufficient. Merely that Goodell based his suspensions on the allegation that the players had violated 2 different sections of the CBA, even though he only has the authority to impose to impose discipline under one.

And whatever his new ruling is, it won't take place before this weekend's games - the NFL has already said the suspensions are lifted and the players are eligible to play this weekend. In fact, the NFL actually granted the Browns a roster exemption (to 54) so they can put Fugita back on the active roster.