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Huh? Homosexual marriage rights have been rejected by referenda in 34 consecutive states since 2006, including relatively liberal states such as Hawaii. It seems to me that Mr. Burns is making a political stunt here tied to the upcoming Maryland referendum, for which he can claim to have been on the right side of the issue if it also is rejected by voters. Right or wrong, it looks to me to be a political maneuver which could benefit Mr. Burns. I had never heard of him before, and betcha that's true of most Marylanders outside of his district.
What do other states / areas have to do with the voters in his district?

His area of the state is heavily influenced by black evangelicals, who are overwhelmingly opposed to gay marriage. He's simply responding to their whims and yes, he will win his reelection hands down. MD-10 is basically west Baltimore but outside the city lines. Lots of churches and lots of folks opposed and lots of folks opposed to MD's law allowing gay marriages.

The more disturbing part to all of this, IMO, is an elected official actually putting on paper a request to punish someone for speaking their mind. That's far more chilling than anything else.