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    LOL-Slick Willie still hasn't submitted his speech

    While DEMs wait nervously. It's the only major speech to be vetted.

    It hasn't been a good week for the DEMs and their leader the hamster as the new Carville poll gives indies a 15% lead. See Carville thread.

    The GOP had a great convention with Clint Eastwood stealing it.

    Romney has a 4-pt lead which is
    beyond the margin for error.

    Now, DEMs are nervous because Slick Willie
    hasn't submitted his convention speech for pre-view as is customed.

    I said on the other thread OBY was taking a risk inviting him to speak because he is still pissed over OBY playing the race card on him during Hillary's campaign.

    Then he met with GOP leaders Karl Rove and Bill Bennet saying you only have 6 months to save the country.

    That was after he begged Hilly to run vs
    OBY now because your country needs you.
    She was just too tired to at this point.

    Now he has them pissing in their pants to see if he's gonna zap OBY by making them wait.

    They don't call him Slick Willie for nutten.

    This is tooooo funnnnnyy.

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    Re: LOL-Slick Willie still hasn't submitted his speech

    Well, Willis finally came thru and delivered the most important speech that might have saved OBYs career and in typical liberal hypocrital lying fashion.

    It was also a great Reagan speech as he copied many of his lines from his famous speeches like ''I FEEL YOUR PAIN." There were many others. That was one hypocritical aspect of it.

    Here's the other.

    For 3 months after the election Clinton didn't talk to him because OBY played the race card on him during Hilly's campaign.

    Then he begged Hilly to run vs him again saying your country needs you but she was too tired.

    Then he goes to the GOP leaders like Karl Rove and William Bennett and tells them they have 6 months left to save the country.

    So it was risky for OBY to invite him to speak. Then as posted above he didn't submitt his speech in time for vetting which caused the DEMs to squirm.

    Then he came thru in typical lying fashion like lying about the facts in Ryans medicare cuts to upset the old people but most old people know
    that no one over 55 will be effected by the cuts.

    His speech was filled with lies and hypocrissy but was still forceful because most people don't know the facts and will be swayed by him.

    As Britt Hume said, he's the most dynamic speaker and toughest politician he ever covered but he wasn't so tough
    when he caved in to Newt's demands to balance the budget.
    That was just smart.

    Nixon had more toughness in
    his little finger than Willis has in
    his entire body.

    Just ask the commies. They respected Nixon so much they
    wished him well when he left
    office and couldn't understand the
    fuss over there about the wire tappings and break-ins.

    Reagan was even tougher. He
    ended the Cold war.

    Willis started the relationship with China that got them to own trillions of our debt in typical commie fashion.
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    Re: LOL-Slick Willie still hasn't submitted his speech

    More DEM lies and this one from the ONE himself.

    Said he'll bring the troops home and use the war money to create 1M more jobs.
    Sure he will. They said afterwards that the economy would have to have a drastic turn around to create that many jobs but all the libbies bought it line hook and sinker.

    Like Clint said, if he's gonna bring em all home why doesn't he just do it
    tomorrow morning.

    He took credit of course for saving the crashing economy. If that's true then Bush deserves the credit because he did the same thing before he left office
    with the first bailout money so that kept the economy from going off the cliff if you wanna believe that.

    Just don't mention the trillions in debt they ran off that will cause a future collapse by the time your children are adults to sooner. See Greece and
    the rest of Europe.

    Oh yea, OBY also said he'd use the war chest to bring down the debt.

    ILMAO - How can he do that with all the money he's spending now. He asked for and got the debt ceiling raise by threatening to shut down the gov't and
    stop paying the old people and military.

    I don't know if you noticed that debt clock at the GOP convention but its still
    clicking away by the millions per second.

    If he was really serious about bringing down the debt he would have let
    Ryan and the Tea Party trim it by $1T now instead of the $30B he settled

    More liberal lies.


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