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    GOP votes in Maryland won't even count

    Oh, they will in the popular vote but as the OP in the link below states, this could be
    another case where the prez will win
    the popular vote but lose to the electoral
    college. BTW, the OP is a constitutional
    scholar and high school guidance counselor.

    That means votes for Romney won't even
    count here because Maryland always votes
    DEM and the DEM always gets its 11votes in the elect college.

    I'm still having trouble voting for Mitt even
    though I've been pimping him here so
    maybe this might be a good election to
    sit out. Still not sure.

    As for the elect college, it was the greatest duping job on a publc in history. Americans
    at the time the constitution was written
    were uneducated. Only the rich could read and write and that was 1% of the country.

    So nobody even knew about the elect college determining the election result.
    They couldn't read the papers to understand
    the new constituion unless somebody explained it to them.

    Thomas Jefferson didn't trust the peasants
    in such an important decision and feared
    that the ignorant would be persuaded to
    vote for a dictator or king.

    Well, now the population is educated and
    many of us have 2 degrees so there's no
    more use for the elect college.

    This argument comes up every election
    but the constitution will never be changed.

    To vote or not to vote. That is the question.
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