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    New Carville poll panics DEMs

    Carville is the big DEM poll which has the DEMs in panic and of course it isn't being mentioned anywhere in the main media.

    Carville was the brains behind Clinton's victories. He was the one who told OBY not to mention the economy or the so called recovery under any circumstances because there is no recovery.

    His new poll comes out and gives Mitt a big
    lead amongst independents by 15%. This could be a break we've been looking for and it's from a DEM poll.

    This poll was also before the convention so it's not
    a convention bump.

    Dick Morris has been saying this since the beginning of the summer and adds up the un-decides for Romney. His latest had Mitt ahead by +7 and that was before the convention when most of the others
    had them tied.

    Rasmussen has Mitt up by +3 overall while
    Gallup has him up by +1 in recent surveying.
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