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Thread: Cowboys/Giants

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    Who wins this one?

    I personally think the Cowboys don't stand a chance in this one. Despite popular belief, the Giants are not going to take a step back this year. I really do think Eli Manning is the real deal now, and I think the Giants quietly improved their roster in the offseason. The major concern I have for the Giants is their offensive line, it's really going to struggle this year, however, it hasn't looked TOO bad in the pre season.

    I really never know what to expect of the Cowboys, but I can see them finally getting their shit together this year, and maybe go 10-6, they have the talent and everything. But I just don't see them winning this game at all, maybe I'm wrong, just my prediction.

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    Re: Cowboys/Giants

    The Giants will win this game, but their inconsistent goes beyond Eli Manning. There have been times when they haven't dealt with major injuries and have had too much talent to lose the way they tend to lose games. As a team, they tend to go in and out, mentally, when they want to. However, that won't be against Dallas.

    Dallas has some offensive line issues. Health is starting to become a legitimate concern with their WR/TEs. I'm not sure that they will be able to run the ball effectively, on a consistent basis, nor stop the run on a consistent basis. Above that, I think that team has leadership issues that start in the front office.
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