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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    Just a reminder, the article has been published in What's Up? Annapolis Magazine and is a cover story.

    Tell me what you think about it on Twitter @_JakeRussell. My 1,000th follower will receive a free autographed magazine by me.

    Spread the word!

  2. Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    Quote Originally Posted by Jake83 View Post
    Tell me what you think about it on Twitter @_JakeRussell. My 1,000th follower will receive a free autographed magazine by me.


    Are people actually beating down your facebook wall or twitter account trying to be the lucky winner here?

    I'm assuming you're No J.K. Rowlings in the writing and literature world here dude.

    I think I'd rather have a copy of the Baltimore Sun sports page autugraphed by Mike Preston.:grbac:
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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  4. Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    The Other Sides Opinion

    Some interesting reading.

    Like this gem..

    "Ravens fans, I can't believe you asked that. They hate DC. The return is only how people from a city with no big companies, famous people or history is bitter over it's neighbor, the capitol of the free world."

    No big companies, famous people or history.

    Too much stuff to list here but the comment alone leads me to believe he's a half breed...Redskin/Steeler.

    I think the guy further down commenting about how we butcher the national anthem should educate the no history guy on where that anthem was written.:grbac:

    Then there's this

    "I mean really"

    I Mean Really?

    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    I read what the other side said about Baltimore losing the Colts and then taking a team from Cleveland and most of those Deadskunks fans don't realize if they go back in their teams history that their team was taken from Boston in 1937 by then owner George Preston Marshall.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    For 34 of my 40 years on this Earth, I lived in Maryland, having grown up in HoCo and then living in Fells Point for 8 years prior to moving to Houston. I am well aware of where the fans are located and their proximity to the FedEx.

    That's great. I probably ran into you because I used to hang out in fells point but I am several years older than you

    For one, there was nothing close to 50k worth of Steelers fans for that game. FedEx current capacity, as of 2011, is 85,000. That would mean over half of the people in attendance were Steelers fans and that's nothing close to the actual number of of their fans that were there. A simple look at any of the game day photos proves that one.

    Ok you are probably right but with me being there the number was probably around 40K. My bad for overestimating by 10K

    Again, another overestimation. The folks over at The West Wing pegged the Ravens fans attendance at around 5,000. And it appears you're not paying attention to the Skins this year. They have a huge buzz right now and RGIII is drawing folks back to the stadium.

    Wow 5K fans? I call BS on that given I was in attendance and we were roughly 10% of the capacity but aren't we simply splitting hairs at this point? BTW how can I not pay attention to the Slurs? I live in their backyard.

    Except that it is. You really do need to chill with shots like these.

    Go back and read my post again. I complimented you and Kev for being smart with a broad mindset but not as wide and diverse as it could be. If that's a shot then we might as well shut this board. I even said that I was serious. If I didn't think that then I wouldn't say it.
    We obviously are not going to see eye to eye on much of anything. It's cool though.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    Having lived in northern VA for most of the last decade, I can tell you there are quite a few folks wearing purple at Bailey's on Sundays.

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