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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post
    When I moved to the DC suburbs around 1973 was when I began hearing about how great the Redskins were from their fans. Kinda hated to go to work on Monday mornings if they won the day prior. Redskins fans can be super individuals like all people, but as football fans they flat out suck. They'll tell you the Skins are the best but they cant tell you why they think so. Thats my story and I'm stickin to it.
    Another thing is they love to point to their 3 Lombardi's and their fight song. Nevermind that those 3 Lombardis are covered in about 20 years of dust and suckitude. I suppose one more element of the rivalry is the band/song...Redskins have probably the most famous fight song in the NFL, while Ravens have tried to carryover the Baltimore Colts Marching Band. The difference is that most Redskins fans celebrate their fight song as a big piece of their culture, while the majority of Ravens fans are pretty indifferent about our band (Some want them gone). My little brother is a music teacher and he's said that his opinion of the Marching Ravens are that their musicianship is pretty lacking.
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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    I don't really consider it a true "rivalry" I just always root against them, and hope that they never become greater than the Ravens. I have a way of feeling that if we go 11-5, and they go 12-4, it's a lost season. It's a competition for fans and bragging rights more than anything.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    i despise the colts for leaving baltimore but for some reason i am a wizards fan. i think it was because they eased out of baltimore and maryland. they were the capital bullets and than became the washington bullets.

    it seems like there is a big push to get the bullts name back. you see a lot of bullets jerseys. polin changed the name because of the assocation of bullets and washington dc crime but wiht abe gone the nostalgic name could be coming back. they will suck again this year as well but i still watch them.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    no rivalry between a hammer and a nail.........sorry

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    The only rivalry here is between their marketing departments due to the overlapping fan base.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    Thanks for your responses and participation, everybody. I will be checking this thread every now and again for new posts.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    Quote Originally Posted by Jake83 View Post
    - Do you consider the Redskins and Ravens rivals? Why or why not?
    Maybe to a small degree. I would probably compare a rivalry between the Ravens and the Skins to a rivalry between the Eagles and Steelers or maybe even the Jets and the Giants. Sure, there is some mild form of rivalry there, but it is largely due to geography and not necessarily the actual teams. The problem with trying to define teams like that as being rivals is they just don't ever play each other. The Ravens and the Steelers are a legitimate rivalry. Both cities are similar, the fan base is similar, and they play each other twice a year. My father was an avid Redskins fan and from that I know that the Redskins' true rival is and will always be the Dallas Cowboys.

    - What would it take to make this a real rivalry? Or does the fact that they only play in the preseason and every four years in the regular season prevent it from ever becoming a real rivalry?
    I think you've hit the nail on the head here. It is difficult for the Ravens and Redskins to really ever develop a true rivalry. Combine the lack of actual regular season games with the fact that the Redskins have made the playoffs just three times in the last sixteen seasons (since 1996 when the Ravens were founded) and haven't won a playoff game since 2005 and you don't really have a good recipe for a rivalry. The fact is the Redskins just are't very good. Maybe things will change now that they have RGIII, but I'm not so sure. They're in a tough division and Dan Snyder consistently seems more interested in making headlines and selling tickets than putting together a winning team. Just look at some of the contracts that he and his staff sign players to.

    - Who takes the "rivalry" more seriously? Redskins or Ravens fans? Why?
    If there is a rivalry - and I'm not saying there is - I definitely see Redskins fans taking it more seriously. I think the average Ravens fan is pretty indifferent to the Redskins as a whole. Honestly, I would like to think that most Redskins fans probably care way more about playing the Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys than a potential pre-season game once every so often.

    - What are your feelings toward the Redskins and why do you feel that way? Do you hate them, root for them, or are you indifferent?
    I don't hate them. I don't really hate any team, but I don't really root for them either. Frankly, I find them somewhat amusing. Every year seems to be "the year" that the Redskins get back to restoring some of that glory, but it never happens once the regular season starts. I don't see a team built on chemistry and the willingness to do what it takes to win. I see an owner dedicated to selling tickets and merchandise at one of the most expensive stadiums in the league and I see a bunch of high profile players more interested in making a ridiculous contract instead of trying to win a championship. To me, it seems like Dan Snyder has a secret rivalry with Jerry Jones (owner of the Dallas Cowboys) to see who can spend the most money and still disappoint their fans.

    - What are your feelings about Redskins fans? Why do you feel that way?
    Again, I'm pretty indifferent to them. Some can be jerks, but a lot of them talk a tough game until you point out things like Albert Haynesworth and then they kind of put their hands in their pocket, slump their shoulders, tilt their head down and kick some rocks. On a whole, I see a fan base that is being taken advantage of honestly. I don't think Dan Snyder has any interest in putting a winning product out on the field. I think he is more interested in selling overpriced food, merch, and tickets while entertaining Tom Cruise.

    - What plays or moments from past Redskins-Ravens games stand out to you?
    Probably Ed Reed causing Clinton Portis to fumble and then picking the fumble up and returning it for a TD. The Redskins were never going to win that game. Even with a rookie head coach and a rookie QB at the helm in Baltimore, the Redskins still couldn't hang with the Ravens.

    - What is the best/funniest/most memorable story you have about you or a friend/family member that is a Redskins fan (prank, joke, memory during a game, etc.)?
    I don't have a funny or memorable story about a friend or family member who is a Redskins fan, but I went to Dickinson College and played football there and my freshman year was the last year that they had their training camp up in Carlisle PA. We worked out with them and watched them practice and it was pretty cool to interact with a lot of those guys. When I was in middle school and high school I went to Art Monk's football camp that he sponsored and met a lot of guys like Ken Harvey, Tre Johnson, and Art himself. Darrell Green was, and still is, one of my all time favorite players. I thought he was a quintessential professional and I liked the way he played the game.

    One day after practice LaVarr Arrington was shooting the breeze with some of us and asked what our record was the previous season. He said if we wanted to get better then we needed more "soul" on our team and we needed more bass in the locker room. He was joking around and didn't mean anything serious by it at all. *The reason he even said that was because Dickinson College (while an extremely good school) has always had troubles with the diversity of their student body.*
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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    I just wanted to thank you guys for your participation in this.

    The December issue of What's Up? Annapolis Magazine is out now and the article is one of the cover stories.

    Feel free to pick it up in the Annapolis Barnes and Noble or your local grocery store.

    Also, you can follow me on Twitter @_JakeRussell. My 1,000th follower (Only 17 away!) gets a free autographed magazine from me personally.

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    First off, in order to be a rivalry, both teams have to win once in a while. So that leaves the Redskins out.

    Second, it's impossible to have a real rivalry between teams in different conferences. Ravens - Redskins, Yankees - Mets, Cubs - White Sox,'s a novelty game, not a rivalry.

    Third, we all work with Redskins fans. We all have 1 in our family. We all regularly go to events and places in Redskins territory. And you just can't have a rivalry with a team who's fan base is so ingrained into your own. I mean I hate Steelers fans. I think something is wrong with them as a species. That's a rivalry! You can't have those kinds of feelings for large groups of people you like!

    Forth, we play them once every 4 years. You can't have a rivalry with 1 game every 4 years. It's not possible.

    A true rivalry requires key ingredients. You have to play the other team regularly, have to be in competition for the same prize (meaning your division), have to be competitive with one another (Browns - Steelers should be a great rivalry because of distance and history and being in the same division, but the Browns have sucked for a decade so no one cares). And the fans on both sides have to dislike each other equally. If you lack any of these things, it's not a rivalry.

    And you can't share other teams. Skins and Ravens fans are both Capitals fans in large numbers. You can't mix fan bases of rivals like that just because another sport is involved. Can you imagine large amounts of Ravens fans rooting for the Penguins? It's not going to happen. Heck I'm a huge Orioles fan but if I go to Oriole Park and see a guy in an Orioles jersey and a Steelers hat I both hate him and thin he's mentally unstable.

    Even Ravens - Indy isn't a rivalry because it doesn't meat any of the above criteria. Games like that are in a different category where one fan base just utterly hates every single last thing about the other franchise, it's fans, and it's city.

    Even playing regularly isn't enough by itself. Take Orioles - Nationals. They play 6 games a year. The media wants that to be heated like Yankees - Red Sox, but have you ever been to one of those games? It's one of the most laid back, casual, friendly environments you could attend! Everyone there likes each others. It's not hostile at all!

    Hell the Orioles take the Oriole Bird to Nationals Park...AND bring the costume home in one piece. If you can bring your mascot home in one piece, it's not a rivalry. I'd venture to say that if Poe went to the Redskins game against the Ravens that he'd be fine, and might even take some pictures with the Hogettes and everyone would have a good time. Can you imagine if Steely McBeam showed up in Baltimore this Sunday? I can guarantee you with absolute certainty that the costume would not leave the stadium in the same condition it arrived in.

    So in closing, this upcoming Ravens - Redskins game isn't a rivalry. It's an all in good fun exhibition that happens to count in the standings.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    Hahaha, that's cute. Redskin-Raven Rivalry... if we considered them it would give them credit. Let them make the playoffs or win the division or even a playoff game and then come back and we can have the discussion.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    Their was never a rivalry with the Redskins, the Colts used to beat them like a redheaded stepchild.

    The Colts rival in the 60's was the Packers, many epic games that decided the the Championship game participant.

    Then in the 70's the Colts rival was the Dolphins, once Shula went thier.
    The early games in the 70's decided the AFC Champ often and both teams where in the same division. Then later in the mid 70's the Colts and Dolphins fought it out for division crown alot as well.

    The Orioles also beat the Senators will ease and regularity.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    There is no rivalry. Might have been some "battle of the beltways" crap back in the Colt days, but I don't see it now. Most Ravens fans don't care one way or another about DC or the Redskins. Redskins haven't been a DC team for quite some time anyway, so even the City vs City thing is played out.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    I don't know about the rest of you but I live in the heart of Slurs country and while the Washington fans and media try to ignore the Ravens, they hate them and are jealous of their success.

    I want to see them struggle and lose as often as possible because of their arrogance and believed self importance. When we won the SB the hatred towards the Ravens and their fans was palpable especially here in PG.

    We've beaten their assess every time except once and they don't like it.

    As for me I simply do not like the fact that in this area the sun rises and sets on their asses and the Ravens are viewed as an outlier that deserves little to no mention.

    Best memory for me was the Ravens sealing the 2004 win with a 10 play drive that started from their 20 and ending at the Slurs 10 yard line. All they needed to do was get the back with over 4 minutes left but couldn't do it because Jamal behind the HOFamer JO simply plowed them over. Slurs fans were apoplectic because the Ravens lined up in Nebraska formation and they couldn't stop it with 10 in the box. We treated them like the bitches they are.

    Trust me its a rivalry and when we show up 40K strong on 12/9 they are going to have a problem with it.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    It's not self importance if you are in their territory. They really are important there whether you think so or not.

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    Re: Ravens-Redskins "Rivalry"

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevlar View Post
    It's not self importance if you are in their territory. They really are important there whether you think so or not.
    That's your opinion and you are entitled to it. You're wrong but you are entitled to it.

    BTW, I have no issue with the Slurs being important because they are this areas football team but to act as if nothing else matters is silly. As much as Baltimore doesn't care for the Slurs people can still discuss them on talk shows etc. In this area if you even bring up the Ravens you get run.
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