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    OBY is going nuts over Clinton

    Oops, I mean Clint.

    Especially when one of Dirty Harry's main points was when he said, ''we own this country not the politicians.'' They work for us.

    When Obama doesn't do the job we gotta let him go.

    Now the libbies are sending out all the emails and attacking Clint like they did Mitt saying he has Alzheimer's and he didn't even know where he was. He was embarassing they say.

    He talked to an empty chair pretending OBY was in it and said, no I can't tell Mitt to do that. It's impossible for him to do that to himself. The place went nuts.

    Later on he said, no, I can't do that to myself either. It's impossible.

    Someone yelled MAKE MY DAY and Clint
    said I don't talk like that any more.

    Ok, you want me to make your day, I'll start and everyone finish as the entire place yelled
    MAKE MY DAY as he walked off the stage.

    Clint stole the convention and buried OBY and the libbies.

    Clint just may have won the election for Romney.
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