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Thread: LOL @ Hensley

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    Re: LOL @ Hensley

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    Maybe you can point to something specific in the piece thats not objective?
    Well, I thought I made that clear in the OP. His assessments of the Steelers and Bengals seem overly optimistic, given how their starters have looked in the preseason, and given the injuries, particularly the Steelers have incurred. While the Ravens aren't without questions, to suggest that the Steelers(with their line and rb issues), or the Bengals(with their current offensive woes and inability to beat good teams last year, and not having back to back winning seasons since 1982), seems a bit unobjective to me.

    I think Hensley's recent history of trying so hard to "not be a Ravens homer" has been pointed out time and time again, and that certainly affects how people see this article, but it still smacks of the same shtick.

    I'm not at all "bothered" or "upset" by the article, I got a kick out of it, which is why I started the thread. I'm more bothered by fellow fans on this board acting like I actually am thin-skinned and upset about the article, to be honest.

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    Re: LOL @ Hensley

    Whilst I'm not fan of Hensley (fucking chump that he is) I do have concerns about this upcoming season and finishing third wouldn't entirely surprise me, the passrush or lack thereof is quite frightening.


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